I love solving problems, working with people and discovering new ideas and solutions. I'm a hybrid thinker with my MBA and 10+ years partnering with creative teams in the digital space. 

At a young age, I honed my self-starter and leadership skills. Growing up, my immigrant parents owned a small business and I saw my parent's hard work and perseverance. I had my little part sweeping up the store after a long day. I observed my father letting late customers in after our closing time. I saw how my father built great customer experiences. Those early years influenced who I am today and how I approach my professional life. I take great pride in my work, care about the customer experience and value teamwork. While I didn’t know it then, my parents gave me a gift that lasted a lifetime.

I'm based in New York and work with clients from Manhattan to San Francisco. In my free time, I play the piano and enjoy walking in the woods.

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