3 Tips from One Badass Job Seeker to Another

by Amy Lee Evans and Sophie Jasson-Holt

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The Voices of Job Seekers Rise Up

In a recent blog, we explored what has changed or not changed for job seekers since the rise of the digital age. In this blog, we will feature the badass voices of job seekers, along with 3 key insights gleaned from our ongoing job seeking research.

We hope these job seekers’ stories and struggles will inspire you to put some bad-to-the-bone, ass-kicking spice into your own job search.  

“Am I doing the right thing? Am I not being persistent enough? Am I being too persistent? Am I turning people off? Am I not reaching out to the right people?” Badass Job Seeker

The job search can be overwhelming. You wonder which path to take and how to choose. 

We wanted to understand why the journey was so bumpy. So we carved out some quality time to hear awe-inspiring stories from you job seekers.

Meet Amelia, The Hopeful Job Seeker

We created a persona, a composite of all the job seekers we interviewed, and named her Amelia. Like all you job seekers, Amelia has some stuff to overcome, hurdles to jump, distances to travel; some shit-kicking to do.  

So, can you see a little bit of yourself in Amelia? She has a lot on her plate, but with a fiercer focus on these three areas we just know she can slay the job search dragon:

  1. Hone Your Story
  2. Networking
  3. Being Flexible

How did we come up with these three bad boys? We poured over Amelia’s journey map.  

Close Up View of Job Hunting Journey Map

Close Up View of Job Hunting Journey Map

Go ahead, we dare you to look at the detailed map. How do you match up? Do you feel like Amelia as you go through your journey?

A Drive-By of 3 Badass Opportunities

You can do so much to feel better on your journey. Let’s take a minute to talk about how to pour some rocket fuel into your job search.


"...If I can articulate my whole package correctly, then maybe I'm appealing to less people, but it will be a good fit." Badass Job Seeker

You job seekers kick off the job search with some prep work. You must get your shit kickers on. You're worried and may potentially feel lost. Obviously, you don’t have a job. Sure, you update your resume and your LinkedIn profile, but what about your larger than life story? A lot of you struggle with this one.

What Is Your Real Story?

Your story is your essence, that snowflake that is like no other, a kick-ass tattoo that draws others to you. You need to roll the story off your tongue to anybody and everybody. 

“Though you may be one of millions specializing in your field, you need to develop and nurture a one-of-a-kind point of differentiation.” [1]

Sounding More Like a Human

Say your story out loud. Share it with friends. Fix it. Write it. Every time you meet with people, tell it. Try it out again. Get it out there. Keep on refining it. 

"The whole point of branding is to sound like ourselves, not every other monkey in the barrel! You don't have to sound like a zombie...You can sound like a human." [2]

More About This Tip

And before you break out your plume de resistance, check out this personal branding masterpiece by Seth Price and Barry Feldman’s “The Road to Recognition.”


Be an Adventurer– NETWORKING

“Biggest stressors – Difficulty understanding the landscape, where to focus on, seems so broad...it takes a lot of effort to reach out.” Badass Job Seeker

We heard from job seekers loud and clear. Networking is your bread and butter. It’s not always easy to be thick skinned and put yourself out there.

“I've been faced with ageism, racism and sexism .” Badass Job Seeker

Yes, it takes an alligator skin to deal with discrimination. As an antidote, job seekers meet with friends and like-minded groups to heal battle wounds. “LinkedIn survey announced that 85% of jobs are found through networking.”[3] This statistic sends a powerful message – invest your effort in networking.

Networking is nothing but a fancy term for engaging with people. If you, like other job seekers, get anxious about networking, practice your wicked pitch with some friendlier folks at parties, school events, or at your favorite watering hole.

And as one job seeker so awesomely pointed out, you can network anytime and anywhere.

"Whoever I'm meeting for lunch or for dinner is someone who can help make a connection for me." Badass Job Seeker

More About This Tip

Before you attend an event, soak up some of Sandy Jones-Kaminski’s, “I’m at a Networking Event, Now What?”



Some of the bad ass job seekers in our research didn’t always change strategies fast enough. But they did finally come around. 

“I would be on the internet from 7AM (looking for a job) ...until 7PM...That didn't get me anywhere. I realized I had to change." Badass Job Seeker

Many job seekers had the aha "I need to change" moment during the interview stage. The disappointment of no job offer often led to radical changes in direction.

●     Be flexible but also stand your ground

And when you go down a different road, you can meet new connections. Those powerful players, influencers of your tribe.

More About This Tip

And when you realize it’s time for a change, pick up Liz Ryan's Reinvention Roadmap


Soon You Will Break Through Your Job Search Glass Ceiling

But until then, keep on telling your badass story, making coffee dates with your sizzling hot network and taking the time to flex your ideas, your plan, and your career.

In our next blog, we will share insights from a seasoned recruiter to hear her take on the job search.

But before you go...

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[1] The Road to Recognition. Seth Price, Barry Feldman. 2017

[2] How to Write a Human-Voiced Resume - https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/20140626010712-52594-how-to-write-a-human-voiced-resume

[3] New Survey Reveals 85% of All Jobs are Filled Via Networking - https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/new-survey-reveals-85-all-jobs-filled-via-networking-lou-adler